Friday, October 7, 2011

Lesson #347, almost learned

I saw this today on Pinterst. (my new addiction, btw). Anyways, the weird thing is I was already thinking this exact thing. So I pinned it to my "I need to learn" board. I think slowly but surely I am starting to implement this. Cleaning out the "toxic" people.

I totally heart Oprah, and one day on her show either she or whatever guest was on that day said "When people tell you who they are, believe them". To me it means, actions speak louder than words, so when people repeatedly let you down, act a fool, or hurt you, they are telling you that is who they are at the core. Believe them.

But  I think it all goes the other way too. Some people are worth the stress. Some people are good and true and even if you hit a rough patch in the relationship, they are worth it. They are worth working it out. I need to learn to believe those people when they "tell me" they are good.

And I have a LOT of those Good and True people in my life.

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