Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jamie Lee Curtis Probably Does Eat Activia

I believe that there is at least a small chance Jamie Lee Curtis eats Activia. I mean, it's yogurt and for the most part yogurt is yogurt. Unless I am just completely ignorant to the upscale yogurt industry and there is some sort of anti-aging, Louis Vuitton, diamond dust infused yogurt that only millionaires can afford. But, I can somewhat get behind the thought of Jamie Lee Curtis eating a container of Activia on occasion.

However, every single time I see some celebrity endorsing CoverGirl or Loreal or Garnier hair color in a box I want to scream. There is NO WAY in HELL these rich bitches use this shit. I don't even use this shit. Beyonce so does not color her hair from a box! Who is being fooled by this?! Managing her hair probably costs her, in a year, more than I paid for my house. And if you believe she only spends $9.99 every six weeks to get it looking the way it does, and that you can look like that too, then you're just an idiot.

Do you really think Jessica Alba or Carrie Underwood or Kim Kardashian use Loreal or Oil of Olay on a daily basis? Or, ever, in their lives? I can answer that...No, no they don't. So, it's just such BS to me. And I realize that false advertising is absolutely everywhere and we can't really believe any of it, but for some reason this seriously gets me. Stop using these women to promote a product they DON'T EVEN USE. For that matter, stop endorsing a product you DON'T EVEN USE. It's disgusting. Sorry, Katy Perry, there is no way in the name of Baby Jesus you use Proactiv...I mean they aren't even telling a tiny half truth with these women.

This probably shouldn't bother me so much. I may have some sort of underlying anger issue that I have yet to identify, and it really doesn't matter anyway since between the lighting, editing and photoshopping they could put dog crap on their face, make it look gorgeous, market it and make millions.

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