Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Jenna Dilemma

So as most of you know Jenna was at Children's Mercy for a few days a couple of weeks ago with her fourth kidney infection. While she was there they did a renal ultrasound (ultrasound of the kidneys) to see if there were any abnormalities that would explain why she keeps getting these. Everything was normal with that so they scheduled a test called a VCUG. (we are supposed to go Thursday)

Bascially this is test to see if she has renal reflux, which means her urine sometimes backflows into her kidneys. Or something like that. Anyways, I have a dilemma. The test requires a catheter to be inserted into her urethra and it injects contrast into her bladder...they then take xrays to see which way it flows.

I have a HUGE problem with them inserting anything into or around the area of my baby girls "Private area" as we call it. She will have to be lying there spread eagle the whole time with this painful thing shoved into her urethra. I really think this would be traumatizing to her. I am having a ton of anxiety about it.

However if they find out this is the problem then we could get to the bottom of her chronic UTI/Kidney infections and hopefully she won't have to deal with them anymore.

But, I don't personally think reflux is the problem. I think it is her immune system. I think she may get bacteria up in there, which is probably super normal for little girls who don't always wipe properly, but her non existent immune system can't fight anything off, therefore resulting in a kidney infection.

I have this theory because this is not the only ailment she suffers with on a chronic basis. She gets strep at least twice a year, and with the exception of last winter has had either RSV or pneumonia every single year since she was born. Also, every single time someone around her is sick, she gets it, and she always gets very sick for multiple days. So a common two day little cold will kick her ass for like 5 days.

Still, I don't want to be irresponsible. I dont want to ignore that reflux is a possibility. But I just CANNOT imagine letting them test her for it.

I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what to do...please give me some advice!!!


  1. that's a hard one! I'm not a mom, but did help raise my 2 nieces. I probably would exhaust every other option before doing it. I would talk with her doctor about these concerns for sure. My heart is with you and her and praying for health and guidance.

  2. did you make an appointment with Michael's doctor? i agree; i would try everything else i could first before having to put her through that :( i'm sorry friend....

  3. yea we were supposed to go yesterday afternoon but the lady from his office called and we had to reschedule for next wednesday. i did some research this morning and I found a mom who had the same problem. The way they treat reflux is with antibiotics for an indeterminate amount of time (I am assuming until its cleared)...she found an article that said PRObiotics were just as effective in treating reflux as ANTIbiotics. So, basically instead of put Jenna through that horrid test, I am just going to start treating her with PRObiotics...which she needs anyways

  4. Oh my gosh, Brooke.. I'm so sorry to hear that! How terrible! I wouldn't let them do that to her either. :( I have an appointment with Dr Salas this Friday at noon. It's not as important if I go. Do you want me to see if you can have my spot? If so let me know and I'll call him tomorrow.

  5. thank you Keri but its ok...we are going next wednesday :) You are a good friend

  6. Brookie- talk to my mom. Sarah had something like this when she was younger. She might have some insight. Loving you,