Monday, August 8, 2011

Does your Blog come on Audiobook?

Last night Jared and I were having one of our "we can't sleep so let's talk til 3 a.m." conversations. Those are my favorite conversations by the way, because they always involve some sort of debate about something completely irrelevant and lots of gossip about people who get on our nerves.

I asked him if he ever read my blog...I knew he hadn't, but I asked him anyways :) Of course he says no. He explains that it's because he doesn't need to read my blog, that he already knows everything I am thinking and I am just as vocal about all my opinions here at home as I am on the internet. 

He's right of course. And it's not really that I care if he reads it, I just sort of wanted him to want to read it. Totally an annoying girl thing, I realize, and isn't it always a Catch 22?

Then he says to me, "well, does your blog come on Audiobook?"

And that right there...hysterical...and why I am so in love with him.

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