Sunday, August 7, 2011

Three's Company

Ok, Jami just posted a really interesting blog about her thoughts (well, someone else's thoughts that echoed her own) on whether or not to have three kids. here it is:

It inspired a response. First and foremost, if Bella is anywhere near as sweet as Ava is, which I am sure she is and there is a possibility for this world to have three Ava's, I say "Go for it, Jami!" BTW, I adore Ava almost more than my own kids :)

But as someone with three and someone who always planned on three, here are my thoughts.

A few Pro's - I have three AMAZING and completely UNIQUE kids, so I think I get the best of ALL worlds as far as kids are concerned. I have the alpha male, perfectionist, all star genius kid who I can totally brag about all the time. I have the sweetest, most sensitive, kind and creative kid who at most times trumps my perfectionist all star when he does things like set up a shop to sell all his toys so he can give homeless people money. Then I have the precious princess with the biggest heart and sweetest smiles and hugs, but doesn't let anybody push her around. I absolutely love being surrounded by such different personalities all the time. (Well, at least most of the time)

There is always more than one of them around, so it's easy for them to entertain themselves, and they all have these really great, different relationships with each other, and that's fun to watch. Because there is three, it seems somehow easier to feel like I still have a "baby", since there are SO many milestones between Austin and Jenna.

A Few Con's - Sweet baby Jesus, it is EXPENSIVE! I just spent over $1000 on school clothes/supplies for the three of them. They fight...A lot. It's harder to get rid of three at the same time when you want a date night...or a nap. Sometimes, it's obvious they outnumber you 3 to 2, and they use that against you. When you have three unique kids, you also have unique problems and personality clashes.

Sometimes when I want to get in my car and drive away I wonder if Cameron had been a girl, if we would have stopped. Then I wonder what that would be like...having only two. How much calmer and quieter life would be. Then, of course, I realize that it would really suck not having them all. It would be a sadder, darker, colder world without my three little balls of fire and how would I ever have known that if I hadn't had three :)


  1. Love this post! I always wanted 4, but now 3 sounds like a good, not as intimidating number. Our problem is that we did have a girl then a boy and if we have another, one gender will be outnumbered. And if we have four someone could be REALLY outnumbered! But, like the person in the blog post you shared, I would always wonder, so at least 3 it must be!

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